NetFront™ Browser BE

High performance HTML5 Browser built upon Chromium with support for HbbTV, Freeview Play and YouTube

NetFront™ Browser BE is an advanced HTML5 browser featuring high stability on embedded platforms and support for today’s TV standards and portals. NetFront™ Browser BE is an ideal solution for high performance DTVs, set-top boxes, game consoles and automotive infotainment systems, and is also available for Android based platforms.

NetFront™ Browser BE has been engineered to leverage the Chromium Blink HTML5 engine for high standards compliance, with ACCESS improving stability in embedded environments and adding support required for the DTV market. NetFront™ Browser BE leverages the ACCESS experience deployed in over 1.5 billion units worldwide, including efficient access to GPU accelerated functionality and standardized APIs such as OpenGL-ES.. NetFront™ Browser BE can also be extended with optional modules for use in Operator environments requiring HTML5 Remote User Interface (RUI) or CVP-2/VidiPath capabilities.

Advanced HTML5 and DTV Standards Support

NetFront™ Browser BE delivers advanced HTML5 and CSS3 support as well as specifications such as Encrypted Media Extensions and Media Source Extensions - EME/MSE, YouTube on TV, HbbTV 2.0, UK Freeview Play, remote user interface (RUI) and CVP-2/VidiPath. Support for customer provided media player solutions ensures that deployments can take full advantage of the hardware platforms. NetFront™ Browser BE is offered as a comprehensive commercial grade software development kit that includes world-class engineering support, professional services and documentation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Commercial grade engine: Chromium Blink engine, enhanced with ACCESS technology and experience deployed in over 1.5 billion units worldwide
  • Market leading performance on STB platforms through tight platform integration
  • Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) 3.0
  • YouTube on TV
  • UK Freeview Play
  • DIAL (optional module)
  • Enhanced, render process based plugin solution, as an alternative to PPAPI
  • Hardware acceleration/GPU support, including OpenGL ES and WebGL
  • JavaScript JIT* for improved performance
  • HTML5 Video/Audio tag support
  • Advanced HTML5 features including Canvas 2D, Web Workers, Web Storage, CORS, etc.
  • CSS3 including Animations, 3D Transforms, Transitions and Media Queries
  • Encrypyted Media Extensions / Media Source Extensions
  • WebGL support, extending Java-Script™ to support interactive 3D graphics
  • OpenGL ES supported for portability and performance
  • HTML5 Remote User Interface – RUI (optional module)
  • DLNA and CVP-2/VidiPath support (optional modules)
  • Android SDK also available, ideal for AOSP based devices

    *JavaScript JIT available for selected platforms, dependent on Chromium

The Power of More than a Billion

NetFront™ Browser BE leverages ACCESS’ market-proven browser technologies that have been successfully deployed in over one and a half billion devices throughout the world. This knowledge enables ACCESS to improve stability in low memory situations, take advantage of chipset specific features such as multiple CPU cores, leverage the availability of a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and to develop an innovative in-process plugin solution as an alternative to PPAPI to help speed the development of plugin based browser extensions.

The Engine of Next Generation User Experience

NetFront™ Browser BE enables Operators to leverage today’s high performance platforms to deliver an enhanced standards based user experience (UX) to their customers. It supports features from HTML5 (Canvas 2D, SVG, etc.), CSS3 (3D Transforms, Animations, Transitions, etc.) and WebGL, enabling STB/DTV manufacturers to take full advantage of hardware capabilities. NetFront™ Browser BE is a next-generation TV UI engine capable of delivering greatly enriched user interfaces (UIs) and user experiences (UXs) incorporating video, 3D graphics and animations on today’s latest SoC platforms. This enables Operators to deliver the performant user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX) that their customers are expecting whilst leveraging the open HTML5 standard to reduce development and maintenance costs and enhance speed of service development. Additionally, features such as DIAL, Remote User Interface (RUI) discovery and display, Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or home media playback can be enabled via ACCESS technology components.



  • HTML5 (Audio/Video tags, Canvas, Web Workers, Web Storage, etc.)

Style Sheets

  • CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 (Media Queries, Animations, Transforms, Transitions, etc.)


  • TLS1.2
  • NSS
  • Configurable digital certificates
  • Extended Validation
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography


  • ECMAScript (ECMA-262 3rd Edition)

Browser SDK Features

  • Embeddable HTML library
  • Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
  • Render process based plugin extension
  • Configurable dynamic memory usage
  • Cookie Management
  • Cache Management
  • Tabbed browsing support
  • Page history
  • Configurable error pages

Supported CPU architectures

  • ARM®
  • Intel/x86
  • Android
  • Linux
  • QNX

Device Classes

  • Connected TVs
  • IP and Hybrid Set-top Boxes
  • PVRs / DVRs
  • Game Consoles
  • Internet-capable Media Players
  • Automobile Infotainment Systems
  • Other Connected Appliances

Memory Usage

  • Code Size (32-bit): ~140MBytes uncompressed
  • RAM Size: min. 60MBytes, 256 MB recommended (single tab)

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