NetFront™ Browser NX 3.0 DTV Profile

An advanced, high performance WebKit-based HTML5 Browser for Digital Television and capable of delivering advanced UX on lower power STB/DTV platforms

NetFront™ Browser NX DTV Profile is an advanced WebKit-based HTML5 browser that features efficient memory usage, high stability, high portability and wide support for DTV standards or specifications including HbbTV 1.5, HbbTV 2.0, UK Freeview Play, YouTube on TV and CE-HTML. NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile is an ideal solution for DTVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray Disc™ players and automotive infotainment systems.

NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile was designed and optimized to address the real world shortcomings that affect WebKit-based browsers, including poor performance in resource constrained STB platforms. Typically, in-house solutions show instability in embedded environments and have platform-dependent implementation/porting layers and lack DTV-specific extensions, leading to a large engineering investment by set-top box manufacturers and middleware providers to develop and maintain. NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile is provided as an embedded SDK pre-configured for the target platform and incorporates ACCESS technologies deployed in over 1.5 billion units worldwide. These include enhanced stability in low memory situations enabling devices to perform for longer without needing to be rebooted. Also, flexible porting APIs enable cross platform support for multiple SoC vendors whilst still allowing access to hardware accelerated functions. ACCESS SDKs can support standardized APIs such as OpenGL-ES for higher end platforms and software engines such as Cairo for lower power platforms without hardware graphics processing units (GPUs).

Advanced HTML5 and DTV Standards Support

NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile delivers high levels of HTML5 and CSS3 support as well as wide support for DTV specifications such as HbbTV 1.5, HbbTV 2.0, Freeview Play, YouTube and CE-HTML, all provided as an embedded software development kit (SDK). Platform agnostic APIs and DVB middleware-independent DTV extensions provide high portability ensuring improved time-to-market for DTV and STB manufacturers. Browser application APIs enable free and flexible UI customization to ensure that the operator receives the branded solution they demand. NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile is offered as a configurable SDK based solution that includes software components, world-class engineering support, professional services, documentation, regular software updates and product roadmaps.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Commercial grade engine: WebKit core enhanced with ACCESS technology deployed in over 1.5 billion units worldwide
  • Market leading performance on DTV and STB platforms
  • Hardware acceleration/GPU support
  • JavaScript JIT* for improved performance
  • HTML5 Video/Audio tag support, as well as object tag for compatibility with HbbTV
  • HbbTV 1.5, including CE-HTML
  • HbbTV 2.0
  • UK Freeview Play, including companion screen
  • Advanced HTML5 features including Audio/Video tags, Canvas 2D, Web Workers, Web Storage, CORS, etc.
  • CSS3 including Animations, 3D Transforms, Transitions and Media Queries
  • Supports Leading DTV technologies including HbbTV, YouTube Leanback HTML5 and CE-HTML
  • OpenGL ES
  • WebGL support, enables interactive 3D graphics
  • Optimized memory management through the incorporation of unique technologies for efficient memory usage
  • High portability across SoCs and operating systems

The Power of more than a Billion

NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile is based on market-proven browser technologies that have been successfully deployed in over one and a half billion devices throughout the world. This unique set of technologies have been adapted to improve platform stability, resilience to low memory situations, portability and ability to take advantage of chipset specific features such as the availability of a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

The Engine of Next Generation UIs for DTV

NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile enables Operators to deliver an enhanced user experience (UX) to consumers, even on lower power platforms reducing OPEX to replace deployed units. It supports a large number of features from HTML5 (Canvas 2D, SVG, etc.), CSS3 (3D Transforms, Animations, Transitions, etc.) and WebGL, taking advantage of advanced hardware capabilities where available and using software rendering where appropriate. NetFront Browser NX is a highly capable TV UI engine for delivering greatly enriched user experiences incorporating video elements and including 3D graphics and animations even on lower power platforms.



  • HTML5 (Audio/Video tags, Canvas, Web Workers, Web Storage, etc.)

Style Sheets

  • CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 (Media Queries, Animations, Transforms, Transitions, etc.)


  • TLS1.2
  • NSS
  • Configurable digital certificates
  • Extended Validation
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography


  • ECMAScript (ECMA-262 3rd Edition)

Browser SDK Features

  • Embeddable HTML library
  • Configurable dynamic memory usage
  • Cookie Management
  • Cache Management
  • Tabbed browsing support
  • Page history
  • Configurable error pages

Supported CPU architectures

  • ARM®
  • MIPS
  • Intel/x86
  • SH

Device Classes

  • Connected TVs
  • Set-top Boxes (IP and Hybrid)
  • PVRs / DVRs
  • Game Consoles
  • Internet-capable Media Players
  • Automobile Infotainment Systems
  •  Other Connected Appliances

Memory Usage

  • Code Size: 35-45MBytes uncompressed
  • RAM Size: min. 40MBytes, 128MB recommended

Software Architecture diagram

NetFront Browser NX DTV
Module diagram (click to enlarge)

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NetFront™ Browser NX

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