NetFront™ HTML5 Platforms for Automotive

High performance HTML5 engines enabling a standards based solution for delivery of HMI, services and applications

ACCESS provides the automotive market with the broadest range of commercially supported HTML5 platforms, enabling OEMs and suppliers to take advantage of full featured HTML5 based browser solutions. ACCESS provides IVI developers with the choice of WebKit or Chromium Blink as the core of their HTML5 based platform.

ACCESS’ NetFront™ Browser portfolio offers advanced HTML5 support, providing OEMs with a powerful and flexible platform to provide In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems.  Driven by consumer’s expectations based on smartphones the in-vehicle experience is becoming more and more of an interactive experience. This means that the fixed functionality IVI platforms of the past are no longer enough for drivers. In order to achieve this, HTML5 is the technology of choice as it enables the development of in-vehicle HMI applications, application stores and internet/cloud delivered applications and content. HTML5 also provides the ability to develop highly portable and reusable applications leading to lower development and maintenance costs for OEMs.

The ACCESS NetFront HTML5 solutions help IVI system developers by leveraging their wide experience of delivering successful projects to the embedded browser and CE equipment markets.  By offering commercially supported WebKit and Chromium Blink based browser engines, ACCESS offers choice to OEMs and IVI platform developers. A key benefit is that ACCESS addresses real world shortcomings which affect open source browser platforms primarily targeted at the desktop browsing environments. By providing robust and reliable solutions with predictable memory usage, extreme stability, high portability and market leading performance on embedded platforms ACCESS helps reduce time to market and risk.

HTML5 Standards and Platform Support

Through the support of both WebKit and Chromium Blink, the ACCESS HTML5 platforms for automotive deliver standards support for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. ACCESS is also a member of GENIVI and actively working to deliver support for the W3C Vehicle Information API.

Additionally, ACCESS offers comprehensive support for worldwide Digital Television (DTV) standards and specifications, including HbbTV (1.0, 1.5 & 2.0), BML and Hybridcast. Support for online platforms such as YouTube on TV make NetFront™ browsers an ideal solution for automotive infotainment systems as vehicle connectivity improves.

NetFront™ browser solutions are provided as an embeddable Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK approach provides the developer maximum flexibility to integrate HTML5 capabilities within their platform to ensure the best presentation of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) required by the IVI system. ACCESS solutions provide support for key automotive operating system platforms, including QNX and Linux.

High Performance

ACCESS engineers its HTML5 solutions to take advantage of platform and hardware capabilities, such as accelerated graphics processing units (GPUs) and OpenGL-ES. This enables ACCESS to deliver market leading performance when compared to standard builds of open source projects. Enhanced compositing algorithms enable the rendering engine to dynamically choose hardware or software rendering based on the content in order to provide the best user experience (UX).


NetFront™ Browser is a commercially provided and supported comprehensive solution that includes documentation and world class engineering support. ACCESS also provides professional services to tailor and optimize the solution for a particular device or environment and to ensure the success of the customer’s automotive projects.

The Power of One Billion

NetFront™ Browser solutions leverage ACCESS’ market-proven experience in embedded and CE platforms to enhance open source browser technologies, being successfully deployed in over 1.5 billion devices throughout the world.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Choice of HTML5 engine : Chromium Blink or WebKit
  • Advanced HTML5 features including Canvas 2D, Web Workers, Web Storage, CORS, Audio/Video tags, etc.
  • WebGL, extending Java-Script™ to enable interactive 3D graphics
  • CSS3 including Animations, 3D Transforms, Transitions and Media Queries
  • Supports Leading DTV technologies including CE-HTML, HbbTV, BML, Hybridcast and YouTube on TV
  • Predictable memory usage to avoid platform memory fragmentation issues
  • Highly portable with platform-agnostic porting APIs
  • Open source enhanced with experience and technologies deployed in over 1.5 billion devices



  • HTML5 (Audio/Video tags, Canvas, Web Workers, Web Storage, etc.)
    HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.1, XHTML Basic 1.1, CE-HTML, XML 1.1

Style Sheets

  • CSS3 (Media Queries, Animations, Transforms, Transitions, etc.)
  • CSS1, CSS2.1


  • HTTP 1.0/1.1
  • IPv4/IPv6


  • TLS1.2
  • NSS
  • Configurable digital certificates
  • Extended Validation
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Browser SDK Features

  • Embeddable library
  • Configurable dynamic memory usage
  • Cookie Management
  • Cache Management
  • Page history
  • Configurable error pages

Supported CPU Architectures

  • Renesas R-Car
  • Freescale i.MX
  • Intel/x86
  • etc.

Memory Usage

  • Code Size (uncompressed):
    WebKit 40MBytes
    Chromium 90MBytes
  • RAM Size: recommended:
    WebKit: 128Mbytes+
    Chromium 256Mbytes+ (single tab)

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