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ACCESS offers over-the-top (OTT), internet service and content providers a simple and powerful route to launch new services which deliver content to consumers and monetize OTT video content, games and apps. ACCESS’ portfolio of award winning solutions are IP-centric, white labelled and have been designed to break down the technical barriers that are preventing content owners from releasing the full potential that the IP-video medium holds.


The 360° Smart Media Platform for Operators and Content Owners
Running a profitable, successful service requires much more than just setting up a technically sound solution. It means continuous optimization in terms of increasing revenues and reducing costs. ACCESS Twine™ is the 360° Smart Media Platform that enables consumers to seamlessly access public, private and premium content, at home, remotely in the car or on the go at any time, combining the home, the car, and the mobile domain.

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Defragmenting multi-screen services

COO and VP Global Sales TV Dr Neale Foster revealed our vision for the future of multiscreen to CSI.