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ACCESS partners with leading Chinese video service NewTV for in-car entertainment

Partnership will help the automotive industry deliver compelling, video-based in-car services to drivers and passengers across China

Tokyo, April 21, 2020ACCESS CO., LTD and NewTV Co., Ltd. are partnering to bring high-quality Chinese programmes to connected car users. The collaboration will see a mix of news, business and sports content made available by NewTV, a member of CNTV, to OEM car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers in China via ACCESS’ Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) infotainment solution.

ACCESS partners with leading Chinese video service NewTV for in-car entertainment

ACCESS partners with leading Chinese video service NewTV for in-car entertainment

According to Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, the connected car market will be worth over $14 billion by the end of 2020. These next-generation vehicles are equipped with better internet connectivity which means there’s an opportunity for car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers to provide passengers with more cutting-edge infotainment systems, including video-based services, and establish a new, highly engaged relationship with them. The partnership between ACCESS and NewTV will help the automotive industry achieve this by delivering the Twine4Car infotainment system with high-quality built-in programmes. As a result, car users will be able to enjoy NewTV’s internet contents on the road, experiencing a brand-new connected car lifestyle.

When talking about the partnership, Ren Shiwu, Chief Content Officer of NewTV, stated that "with the development of 5G, artificial-intelligence (AI)-enabled driving and other technologies, the application scenarios of in-car video are viewed favourably in the automobile industry. NewTV, with unique access to the contents of China Central Television and the large amount of high-quality video contents integrated from other content partners, has been committed to providing users with better and more cutting-edge audio-visual services. Our decision to partner with ACCESS is natural and will help provide brand-new and high-quality in-car video services for drivers and passengers."

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Twine4Car is a flexible multimedia content solution for automotive manufacturers, including software components, video, and audio content rights and consulting expertise. It has been developed to bridge the gap between the automotive industry and the content industry and increase the safety, comfort, and flexibility of content consumption for drivers and passengers in the unique in-car environment.

Dr. Neale Foster, CEO of ACCESS Europe, said: “China has a much-developed connected car market. Connected cars and electric vehicles are starting to join traditional cars on the road, which means drivers and passengers will soon have more free time and want to be entertained. Car manufacturers that are slow to implement video-based entertainment services are likely being left behind and replaced by more forward-thinking brands. Fortunately, through our partnership with NewTV, ACCESS is making it easier for the automotive industry and the content industry to work together and provide the most advanced in-car services for vehicle users.”

The ACCESS Twine™ for Car 3.0 solution, launched at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, provides the building blocks to enable automakers to protect their brands while evolving vehicles into fully personalised connected media hubs, offering drivers, passengers and other road users with additional ease and convenience. The solution combines both global and local contents with key new connected car features such as a dedicated in-car app store, monetisation through video advertising, native Android app support, synchronised video playback and parental controls for both Android and Linux systems. To guarantee the highest level of usability, Twine4Car 3.0 also supports journey related content and ‘car retail’ services such as fuel and parking payments.

The solution enables carmakers and suppliers to provide advanced content experience tailored for all drivers and passengers to ensure the highest level of usability, whatever the circumstances of their journey.

About NewTV Co., Ltd.
NewTV Co., Ltd. (NewTV) is a new media operation unit under CNTV and provides OTT services worldwide under the call sign of "China Internet TV". Utilizing the opportunities presented by “TV Plus” and “Internet Plus”, NewTV, supported by the large amount of high-quality contents of China Central Television, provides its users with a rich mix of on-demand high-quality programs ranging from news, sports, movies, children's programs, to documentaries, aiming to become a new media integration platform for OTT, which will be enhanced by the resources of CNTV and be up to international standards. As of December 2019, NewTV serves a total of  279 million users,in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia and other regions, firmly establishing itself one of the largest OTT service platforms in the world.

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