ACCESS Twine™ Car

Secure Content Distribution for Connected Car Infotainment

Our solution enables OEMs to take advantage of connected vehicles and build new business models and relationships with their customers. IVI platforms developed with ACCESS Twine™ enable drivers to access online media content within the vehicle via the IVI system and consumer owned “BYOD” devices, whilst preserving the OEM brand. Additionally, the platform can serve as a central collection point for diverse vehicle data, providing a simplified method for OEMs to collect useful data from across the vehicle for both in-vehicle and offline.

Feature highlights & advantages

ACCESS Twine™ Car

ACCESS Twine™ consists of a modular product suite built upon standards-based technology and extended with significant extra functionalities to facilitate the setup of a commercially successful multiscreen solution.

The base set of components provide connectivity to devices in the car, discovery of their media capabilities, an index of all content available on all connected devices and a representation for the user. Generally, all of these components are media-type-agnostic, while only the connected media player / renderers need to support the proper content presentation.
It gets evident that ACCESS Twine™ can help OEMs to provide a one-stop multimedia solution to their customers as advanced features like Remote Access to home content, place-shifting technology, Global Search functionality to easily find specific content no matter where it is stored, and the ability of adding 3rd party premium content services to the mix can be added. Premium content can be end-to-end protected by state-of-the-art CA/DRM solutions, like the VCAS™ and ViewRight® technologies from our partner Verimatrix.

In today’s market it is important for car manufacturers offering a multiscreen solution to better understand their end-users’ needs. ACCESS Twine™ can collect and store usage data as long as one single Twine component is involved in playback. The data are then sent to the Twine Cloud components, which are ready-made for an easy integration into services at the data centers or cloud based services that operators typically use for their content offerings.

Important within the automotive scenario is, that via the head unit everything can be controlled at any time. ACCESS Twine™ allows to push content to all connected devices and to still control the local and remote playback from the head unit. Parental control, like age restrictions, playback duration, etc. can also be centrally controlled together with content push from one connected device to another. This is relevant not only from a parental point of view but also from a content protection point of view.

ACCESS Twine™ for Automotive makes this complete complex technology fully transparent to the end-user, so that the user only needs to focus on what he wants to see or hear.

ACCESS Twine Car overview

Benefits for OEMs and Tier 1s

ACCESS Twine™ provides a seamless extension of car infotainment to Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD), like e.g. tablets, or mobile phones. Centrally controlled by the head unit, it supports user and device management and media redistribution on all connected devices. While ACCESS Twine™ is generally DRM agnostic, it still allows integrating the latest end-to-end content security solutions, like Verimatrix’ VCAS™ and ViewRight® Multi-DRM solutions.

The collection of usage data which is the base for optimizing services as it allows to better understand end-user needs is one of ACCESS Twine™ major benefits. Data collection can be done in real-time; the results are transferred to the Twine Cloud components and stored, then being available for big data analysis, recommendations and personalized and targeted advertising. This gives both the car manufacturer and the operator of the service the ability to focus on service optimization, on content monetization by optimizing and even generating new revenue streams and on service profitability thereby increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn.

ACCESS Twine™ supports multiple ways of improving the user experience, e.g. by aggregating content across all connected devices, by providing aggregated search through all available content, by supporting place-shifting to all connected devices and by allowing multi-zone support of content playback. In addition, ACCESS Twine™ gives seamless access to public, private and all premium content an end-user has the right to play back.

ACCESS Twine™ is based on open standards for media redistribution and enables implementation of CA/DRM technologies that provide the latest levels of security which content owners are demanding. The modular white label components provide an easy to integrate solution which considerably shortens the time to market. ACCESS has more than 20 years of experience in porting solutions like ACCESS Twine™ to embedded platforms.

ACCESS, as experts for connected media and multiscreen components, has already more than 20 years of experience in the automotive and media consumer electronics industries, bridging the gap between the media industry and the automotive market.

While being based in central Europe, ACCESS is acting worldwide and providing multi language support for OEMs and Tier 1s. Support can be delivered for a period of maximum 15 years after start of production. Quality is managed through different quality assurance programs, including CMMI.

ACCESS Twine™ Car functional scheme
ACCESS Twine™ Car functional scheme

Typical use cases

  • The car infotainment unit is the central control unit for management of users, devices, content and content consumption rules, like parental control.
  • From the car infotainment unit part of this control may be handed over to or revoked from a connected device which is making use of an ACCESS Twine™-based solution.
  • ACCESS Twine™ allows playback of content on the local device and/or on connected devices.
  • ACCESS Twine™ supports pushing content from one connected device to another and continuing from the same point (place-shifting)
  • Multi-Zone playback: multiple content items can be controlled and played back at the same time, supported natively.
  • Content aggregation and aggregated index search.
  • ACCESS Twine™ is able to grow with the connection capabilities of the car.
  • Premium content can be supported if an appropriate CA/DRM solution like Verimatrix is integrated.
  • ACCESS Twine™ supports Online & Offline syncing of premium and private content in the home.
  • Re-distribution of all types of content among all connected devices. This requires the appropriate CA/DRM technology (e.g. Verimatrix) in conjunction with the underlying business model and distribution rights.
  • ACCESS Twine™ supports the collection of usage data for analysis, recommendations and personalized, targeted advertisements.
  • Additional advertisement and recommendation services for the generation of new revenue streams.

ACCESS Twine™ Car overview

ACCESS Twine™ Car overview
ACCESS Twine™ Car overview

Device based components:

  • Twine Server + Gateway package
  • Twine Clients + Gateway package

Examples of supported OSes: Embedded Linux®, Google Android®, Apple iOS™, Microsoft® Windows®, Apple macOS / OS X

Cloud based components:

  • Twine Management Service
  • Twine Content Service
  • Twine Data Service

Separate & complementary modules (Add-Ons):

  • Conditional Access / Digital Rights Management
  • Remote Access
  • Cloud content metadata search & management
  • Additional modules on request

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