ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home

An advanced, unified solution simplifying unified access to multimedia, home automation and security devices

As smart home devices become more mainstream they are also increasing the confusion for consumers. Terms like IoT, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more do not resonate with consumers and the direct WiFi connected devices do not improve perception that automating home automation and security devices is not something for DIY, and hence expensive.

Knowing which devices to purchase, which apps to download, and then having a multitude of apps to provide the same functionality, differing only because the hardware brand is different rather than the functionality could prove the biggest obstacle to the IoT industry.

Subscriber’s perspective
Fig. 2: Subscriber’s perspective (click to enlarge)

Controlling the smart home should not be complicated. It should be accessible via a single simple, standards based solution that allows consumers to focus on the tasks they wish to accomplish.

That’s where ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home comes in. Built on the award winning ACCESS Twine smart media technology, it adds support for IP cameras, smart plugs, and sensors and allows control in one place, right from smartphones and tablets. It makes smart home control

  • Simpler: to control all the consumer’s smart devices with one app instead of many
  • Better: a variety of features to empower the consumer’s smart home
  • Smarter: helping your devices to adapt to you and your habits
  • Open: consumers can choose between local and cloud control

As part of ACCESS Twine™, our Smart Home product seamlessly integrates both IoT and multimedia worlds enabling the end users to faster comprehend the complex Home Automation scenarios as part of the multimedia experience already available in their homes.

Unified approach to IoT and Multimedia

Unified approach to IoT and Multimedia
Fig. 1: Unified approach to IoT and Multimedia

ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home is a one stop solution for the use cases available in the scope of in-home as well as roaming end users. Combined with ACCESS’ Remote Access technology enables the end users to experience and manage their smart homes remotely.

Remote Access to home and media
Fig. 3: Remote Access to home and media (click to enlarge)

The secure P2P connection warrants the privacy of the content being shared and the Rights Management enables personalized fine-grained creation of user groups that may have access to the home multimedia content as well as to the IoT devices. This unique combination of features and security enables the application of ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home in home entertainment as well as in industrial environments.

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface
Fig. 4: Intuitive user interface (click to enlarge)

The innovative User Interface simplifies the complexities and hides them from the end users. Thus it enables the explosion of offerings for the device vendors, operators as well as it enriches the end users’ creativity in managing their smart homes.

As well as providing an app for consumers, ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home offers compatibility with your favorite ecosystems like Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home/Assistant and provides a rules engine for “if this then that” functionality to really help smart devices work together.

Rule engine: triggers and actions

Rule engine: triggers and actions
Fig. 5: Rule engine: triggers and actions (click to enlarge)

Use cases

ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home enables the smart home that makes consumers life truly convenient and enables meaningful with the following use cases.

BROWSE AND GROUP: Devices grouped by function

  • All similar devices can be viewed together, e.g. all switches or all lights
  • Group devices by location, e.g. living area or bedroom

Set who can access your devices

  • Define users for smart home devices
  • Set what devices they can access, and when, e.g.:
  • gardener accesses garden cam, but no others
  • delivery person accesses side gate within specified times
  • children not allowed to change house temperature settings remotely

SCHEDULE : Set and Forget

  • Time based actions enable consumers to program actions like they are used to with their heating systems
  • Switch on the coffee maker plug in the morning, or only certain mornings
  • Make sure the lights are on when you arrive home from work
  • Switch lighting and appliances on and off when you are away on vacation

SCENES : Group and Control

  • Bundle together devices into a named group and control together
    Switch multiple appliances with a single tap

ROUTINES : Sequence your devices

  • Set ordering of devices and scenes
  • Switch multiple appliances with a single tap

CAMERAS : Group and Control

  • View and control cameras around the smart home from the Twine smart home app
  • Single view and multi-view support within the Twine smart home app
  • Trigger emails on camera events
  • Create rules for camera events, such as motion detection, to integrate cameras into the wider smart home

CAMERAS : Watch on more devices

  • UPnP support and gateway solution enables cameras to be discovered and watched on more devices without specific software, such as Smart TVs

Camera DVR : Record and View

  • Local recording (if storage provided via gateway device)
  • Watch at home
  • Watch away from home using Twine For IoT Remote Access
  • Cloud recording
  • Out-of-home recording, watch from anywhere
  • Business opportunities for the provision of cloud storage to consumers
  • Filter recordings by date, time, device and location
  • Motion-detection-triggered recording
  • Interval recording
  • Set to record a frame every 30 seconds
  • Creates industry standard MPEG-4 file for viewing on widest range of devices

VOICE : Control the smart home with your hands full

  • Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers
  • Extensible architecture to allow integration with other voice assistants

OUT and ABOUT : Maintain control

  • ACCESS Twine Remote Access
  • Enables seamless access to all home devices even when away from home

AUDIO : Listen and control

  • Your music collection in any room
  • Stream your mobile collection on home devices
  • Voice-controlled playback

VIDEO : Watch from anywhere

  • Your home media collection in any room
  • “Follow-me TV” combined with IoT sensors

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