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ACCESS and OBLO Living automate IoT and multimedia everywhere

Oberhausen, Germany and Novi Sad, Serbia – 17  May  2018 − ACCESS CO., LTD and OBLO Living today announced the availability of a solution based on the award-winning ACCESS Twine™ 360° Smart Media Platform and OBLO Living Gateway. The combined Smart Home solution will seamlessly integrate both the Internet of Things (IoT) and multimedia worlds, enabling end users to quickly manage complex home automation scenarios as part of the multimedia experience already available in their homes.

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ACCESS Releases Antikythera Framework™, its Elixir Web Application Framework, as OSS, to stimulate the web application development community

Tokyo, Japan, 26 April 2018 − ACCESS CO., LTD today announced that its Elixir-based web application framework developed in-house will be released as the OSS named Antikythera Framework™ to the development community on April 27, 2018 for the purpose of stimulating development of IoT services.

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Bringing the future of the home to the here-and-now

May 30, 2018 – By 2020, the global smart home market will be worth over $50 billion, which demonstrates how consumers are embracing IoT technologies and realising how they can make their lives easier. Advancements in technology mean that devices that are central to the home – from CCTV cameras through to smart TVs and washing machines – can be controlled by either a remote, smartphone or tablet.

Driving towards the future of in-vehicle entertainment

May 2, 2018 – By 2020, the global in-vehicle infotainment market will reach $52.billion, with personalised entertainment experiences playing a big part in its growth. Consumers are already well accustomed to hyper-personalised services on their mobile devices, which know what type of content they want to watch – from a branded catalogue through to personal content – on a certain device at a specific time.

CES 2018: the year automotive and entertainment collide

January 26, 2018 – In 2017, the automotive industry showed heavy investment in advanced connectivity and this year’s CES has already confirmed that there is more to come. According to the TU-Automotive “Keeping Entertained in the Autonomous Vehicle” report – which features our VP Product Management Robert Guest – “the global in-vehicle entertainment market will reach a total market value of $52.2bn by 2022”, making it one of the most attractive sides of the industry to get involved in.

Is your content reaching the right devices … and audience?

November 23, 2017 – As the TV viewing experience continues to shift towards multi-screen consumption, operators have the opportunity to create content specially designed for niche audiences. The OTT realm also includes challenges to be overcome, including video piracy.


Dr Neale Foster in Digital TV Europe interview

At IBC 2017, our Managing Director and COO Dr Neale Foster talked to Digital TV Europe about the future of multiscreen and IoT.

IBC2017 Content Everywhere Hub: Service design considerations for the multi-screen OTT world

ACCESS' Robert Guest took part in the “Service design considerations for the multi-screen OTT world” panel discussion in the Content Everywhere Hub on September 17.

Copyright © 2017 IBC

Multiscreen and IoT for the masses: how to reach 100 million subscribers

Dr Neale Foster, Managing Director and COO of ACCESS Europe, interviewed by CSI Magazine Editor Goran Nastic.

Copyright © 2017 CSI

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Press coverage

The future of personalised, multimedia entertainment is in the car

Dr Neale Foster, CEO at ACCESS Europe, on the relation of In-vehicle infotainment & the content industry and Key trends shaping in-vehicle infotainment strategies: The car as an extension of multiscreen.
Published July 13, 2018 on videonet

Einen Schritt näher an der vernetzten Zukunft

Dr Fleming Lampi shares his vision about interconnectivity and media services in the connected car (article in German).
Published February 2018 in FKT

Content Everywhere – sind wir schon soweit?
Robert Guest, VP Product Management bei ACCESS und Ronny Lutzi, CEO bei Foxxum.

Um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, müssen Netzbetreiber eine plattformübergreifende Umgebung einrichten, welche sich an alle Geräte anpasst, für die ihr Angebot kompatibel sein soll – einschließlich ihrer eigenen Set-Top-Boxen.
Published November 2017 in Medien Bulletin

Best TV everywhere or multi-screen video

CSI Magazine's winners brochure write up about award winner ACCESS Europe – ACCESS Twine for Reliance Jio Infocomm
Published 2017-10-24 by CSI Magazine

Going beyond TV

Dr Fleming Lampi, global director at Access Europe, about a three-step guide to delivering a best-in-class multiscreen experience.
Published 2017-10-26 on

TV Tech Global IBC 2017 Manufacturer Musings

Dr. Neale Foster of Access Europe hopes to modernise the way operators think about multiscreen services at this year's IBC.
Published 2017-08-16 on

Going mobile: How to build a successful multiscreen service in an emerging market

The LTE mobile network and FTTH operator Jio (Jio Reliance Jio Infocomm) is powering its multiscreen service in India using ACCESS Twine and the NetFront Browser family of products from ACCESS.
Published 2017-06-20 on

Jio deploys multiscreen offer across India using Twine and NetFront Browser from ACCESS

The LTE mobile network and FTTH operator Jio (Jio Reliance Jio Infocomm) is powering its multiscreen service in India using ACCESS Twine and the NetFront Browser family of products from ACCESS.
Published 2017-03-16 on Videonet

Reliance taps Access for multi-screen

Access has landed a big deal in India, powering Reliance Jio Infocomm’s multi-screen service that reaches some 100 million subscribers.
Published 2017-02-24 on CSI magazine

Cars are the building blocks of a smart city

Soon we could see the vehicles we drive – and those that drive us – seamlessly communicating with the world outside, says Robert Guest, Global Product Director at ACCESS.
Published 07-07-16 on InMotion

Press quotes

“ACCESS all multiscreen areas…..Famed for its NetFront browser”Julian Clover, Broadband TV News

“ACCESS was demonstrating how multimedia home networking is coming of age thanks to DLNA Premium Video…ACCESS claims first DLNA media sharing with confidence of studios” – John Moulding, Videonet

“Megatrends are making their mark in the video industry, affecting device manufacturers, content distributors and consumers alike. ACCESS understands and is excited about these megatrends” – Business Reporter

“ACCESS takes TV over the top”Light Reading

“Access takes HbbTV to Germany” – Rapid TV News

“NetFront Living Connect enables users to access digital content across devices within the connected home media network” – Digital TV Europe

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