Solutions for TV Operators

ACCESS offers TV operators a pre-integrated, end-to-end software solution, designed to open up new revenue streams by delivering next generation multiscreen user experiences and TV everywhere solutions. Operators who choose ACCESS have the added confidence of deploying a solution from an expert backed by the experience gained through shipping software for over one billion devices worldwide.


The 360° Smart Media Platform for Operators and Content Owners
Running a profitable, successful service requires much more than just setting up a technically sound solution. It means continuous optimization in terms of increasing revenues and reducing costs. ACCESS Twine™ is the 360° Smart Media Platform that enables consumers to seamlessly access public, private and premium content, at home, remotely in the car or on the go at any time, combining the home, the car, and the mobile domain.

ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home

An advanced, unified solution simplifying unified access to multimedia, home automation and security devices
As smart home devices become more mainstream they are also increasing the confusion for consumers. Terms like IoT, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more do not resonate with consumers and the direct WiFi connected devices do not improve perception that automating home automation and security devices is not something for DIY, and hence expensive.

NetFront™ Browser BE

Embedded Chromium Blink based HTML5 Browser SDK supporting HbbTV, Freeview Play, Hybridcast and YouTube
NetFront™ Browser BE is an advanced HTML5 browser for smart TV, STB, game consoles and automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems providing
• Connected Device Software Development Kit (SDK)
• Best in class performance & improved stability
• Worldwide TV standards and OTT video portals support
• 3rd party media player APIs, including EME/MSE
• Available for Linux, Android and embedded OS

NetFront™ Browser NX DTV Profile

An WebKit-based HTML5 Browser capable of delivering advanced UX on legacy connected STB and TV platforms
NetFront™ Browser NX DTV Profile is a high performance WebKit-based HTML5 browser that features efficient memory usage and high stability. With support for worldwide DTV standards and specifications, including HbbTV 1.5, HbbTV 2.0.1, Freeview Play 2017, ARIB STD-B62/TR-B39 (2nd generation digital broadcasting) and CE-HTML, NetFront Browser NX DTV Profile is an ideal solution for connected TVs, set-top boxes, HDMI sticks and automotive infotainment systems.

NetFront™ Browser HbbTV Solutions

Chromium Blink and WebKit based browser SDKs for SoC vendors, smart TV platforms, manufacturers and middleware providers
HbbTV 1.5, HbbTV 2.0.1 and UK Freeview Play 2017
ACCESS enables our customers to quickly and effectively launch devices where HbbTV based solutions are required. NetFront™ Browser Software Development Kits (SDKs) are market-leading, high performance HTML5-capable HbbTV browser solutions that enable SoC vendors, device manufacturers, middleware companies and operators to quickly and affordably provide HbbTV capable devices for standards based connected services.

NetFront™ Living Connect

Market-Leading DLNA Technology Component™ Solution for Multiscreen Media Sharing on Consumer Electronics and Home Networks
NetFront™ Living Connect is a market-leading technology, based on Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Technology Component™ solution that enables Pay TV operators and device manufacturers to quickly and efficiently implement multiroom and multiscreen services. NetFront™ Living Connect can be deployed on set-top boxes, digital TVs, home gateways, smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, network attached storage (NAS) boxes and more.

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