CES 2020 Meeting Request

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At CES 2020 we will be showing the car industry how we’re revolutionising in-vehicle entertainment through our ACCESS Twine for Car™ solution, which combines a car-specific app store, content and technology to enable automotive manufacturers (OEMs) to provide next-generation entertainment services to car drivers and passengers.

At CES 2020 we will be discussing how car vendors can use IVI to protect and enhance their brands through building strong relationships with car drivers and passengers. We will also look at how the next generation ACCESS Twine for Car™ solution will enable video content in vehicles and why it will enable more sophisticated HMI involvement as autonomous vehicles come on stream. Our core business is designed to enable the in-car user experience to be customised, with content specifically created for the car through our streaming and app ecosystem.

If you would like to know more about our roadmap for ACCESS Twine for Car and how it will move from app store and streaming audio & video to enabling a full living room experience in the autonomous cars of the not-so-distant future – please get in touch.